Merry Christmas from Vectis™ by Weber Knapp!

The holiday season always has a way of lightening the mood around the office.  Our conversations have a way of moving toward more festive topics and decorations begin to appear, lighting up cubicles and hallway corners throughout the entire building.  There is generally a bit more lively chatter in the hallways and although the topics of our conversations might be slightly different this time of year, our dedication to our customers remains the same.

This time of year has a way of making all of us think about the future, as well as the past.  It’s a time for reflection and perspective.  Here at Weber Knapp it’s been a very busy year.  We’ve been working hard on new projects for Vectis™ and Vectis™ Custom counterbalances.  Our staff has been putting in extra time to assure designs are completed according to our customers’ requirements and working hard on new concepts to keep us in the forefront of our industry.  We’ve attended trade shows and met some amazing people along the way, while continuing to provide the best possible service and quality products for our current customers.

Every year, when I reflect on our future and on our past, I end up traveling down the same path – the path that leads me directly to the amazing Weber Knapp team behind Vectis™ Counterbalance Hinges.  Without them, there would be no Vectis™, nor would we have the fantastic group of clients and friends that we’ve made since our launch!   We know the value of our customers and we work hard to make sure they know what they mean to us.  So, in the spirit of the Holiday Season, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell all of our customers, vendors, and friends, “From our Family to Yours – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!”

Leila Bell
Business Development Manager
The Weber Knapp and Vectis™ Team
Weber Knapp Company